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About John

Why I am running for Mantua Township Trustee.

I have chosen to run for Mantua Township Trustee so as to make a positive impact on our great community. I intend to utilize all of my business skills, acquired knowledge, and real life experiences to maintain and preserve a way of life that I have come to know and love. At the same time I will diligently work alongside the community and Township officials alike, to maintain and secure a brighter future for Mantua Township.

If elected Trustee, I will use all of my resources and business skills to promote and deliver a quality product to everyone in the Township, without regard of social standing or affiliations, so together we can promote a firm footing for the future of the community.

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Voices and concerns from people in our community

  • Stop spending our hard earned money without accountability. Although the Center School project may be a good ideal, we need a plan and cost analysis on Township Projects, so everyone can know exactly how much it will cost. Let us folks decide.

  • People are complaining about the roads, ditches and culverts being in poor condition. We need a good, effective and fair course of action to provide this basic service equally.

  • Township Meetings should be run in an orderly and professional manner and be open and easily attended by all.

  • Trustees have to be accountable to us and make themselves available whenever people feel the need to ask questions. Give us quick and reasonable access to important information.

  • Township folks want equal opportunity to participate in local government and committees. We need to make it fair for all to be a part of the process.

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  • Experienced in running and operating profitable businesses. Over 35 years of competitive business experience.

  • Management of employees, payroll, time management, and benefits, including health insurance, and retirement accounts.

  • Hands on operation of heavy construction equipment, rigging, power & specialty tools, installation and maintenance of elevator & lift equipment.

  • Project Management, OSHA jobsite requirements, ANSI and Elevator Codes, blueprints / building plans, governmental and environmental compliance and regulations.

  • Working with children with developmental and physical disabilities, the disabled and physically challenged adults, the elderly, persons & companies with accessibility, mobility or ADA issues and concerns.

  • Proficient in computer and communication systems, website design and maintenance, programming, truck and automobile systems diagnostics, operating systems and peripherals.

  • Knowledgeable in commercial real estate, property & equipment leases, business & sales contracts.

  • Maintaining working relationships with developers, builders, contractors, architects, owners, designers and governmental agencies on hundreds of projects in both residential, industrial, institutional, and commercial environments.
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