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GoRilla Productions Affordable webdesign that won't make you ape.
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Check out some of the GoRilla Productions videos below. Technical animations, commercials, short films, documentaries, even public spectacles! GoRilla Productions specializes in low cost video production. Guerilla filmmaking at it's finest!

Meridian UDI 1717 Smart Upgrade

The UDI 1717 Smart Upgrade has been developed to match the workflow of today's newest X-ray systems. Years of development have resulted in a solution that has yet been realized by any other upgrade product. Meridian's UDI 1717 system contains proprietary software that goes beyond exposure controls as its interface to the x-ray room. Meridian engineers have fully integrated the major manufacturer's generators into the core communication protocols. This results in techniques being transferred from the RIS, to the AWS, to the x-ray room. Unique connections to the collimation system and table enable automatic collimation of your older systems.

DMT Corporation

At DMT Corporation, we accept nothing less than excellence. We give 110% in our never-ending quest for technological advancement. We are your number one source for codified virtualization solutions and visionary buzzword compliancy, as well as the realization and development of current solutions oriented architecture, while focusing on technology implementations that won’t interfere with your existing IT infrastructure.

DMRC's Art on the Hill 2011

The Downtown Mantua Revitalization Corporation present Art on the Hill 2011. A showcase of local talent where creative folks can present their music, paintings, drawings, hand made jewelry and much more.

The First Annual Downhill Regatta

The 1st annual downhill regatta brought to you by The Mantua Yacht Club and The Slow Mutants. See what happens when a bunch of "adults" build cheap rickety soapbox cars and shoot down the track, putting their lives on the line. Sure every kid in the Soap Box Derby was faster than our fastest car, but we're a lot bigger and stronger than them. So there!


When dozens of people start disappearing from the small town of Mantua, Ohio, FBI Special Agent Stephanie Bellman (Mike Akers) is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, Boo Smith (Vel Ayasha) is looking for an old war buddy who vanished somewhere in Mantua. Along the way, they both meet a strange array of townsfolk who share a terrible secret. Its just another day in the strange little town of Mantua, Ohio.

The Great Mantua Fire
David Brode at the Ox Roast

A video montage of Davide Brode and various happenings at the Ox Roast Fair in Mantua, Ohio.

March 1st, 1985. A fire erupts in the small town of Mantua, OH, destroying two Civil War era buildings and draining the reservoir. A combination of news footage and video shot on scene shows the event in a way never seen before.
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